Into Week 2

So a little over a week ago, something in my brain clicked and said try Atkins diet.  Now mind you, I have tried many diets including having weight loss surgery, but when I try to lose my regain, it fails.  So I had never done this, so thought why the hell not.  Armed with only a list of acceptable foods on the induction phase and the reluctant agreement of the hubby, we cleaned out the pantry, fridge and freezer.  Sunday went shopping.  So I wanted things that were simple enough that I do not have to spend a lot of time making, but do not want to eat salads every meal (more on that).  Lunches are a bit tricky, but ya know what.  After a full week, we did it.


Now granted we might have gone over a smidge a couple of days, but no breads, no sugar, and no more than oh 25 grams of carbs a day.  I actually find comfort in some meat and cheese roll ups and a pickle for lunch.  Dinners have been interesting.  Tacos in lettuce shells, bunless burgers, I even had roasted brussel sprouts and loved them.  I learned a few things, plan, as right now my fridge is over full, and oh lord the amount of dishes I have washed in one week.


But there is that light.  Yes it is water weight, but damn it was quite a bit, and there are a few things this week that we need to tweak, and I think we are going to continue it for at least two more weeks after the initial 2 weeks.  But I can say I have had more energy.  Like no naps last week, I seemed to have gotten more done, there is not the need to go to bed super early or else as I found out, I wake up too freaking early.  So hopefully I will at least try weekly updates, maybe even some pictures of the foods I am making.  I am no chef, but I have felt more accomplished this last week, then I have in quite a while.